StorieEven the wheat has its own vintage year

Even the wheat has its own vintage year

Did you know that also wheat has its own vintage year? (and, therefore, also the flour?)

Every season is subject to atmospheric phenomena which deeply condition the whole ecosystem, and as well as the world of wine or oil, even for the world of wheat there is the concept of vintage year, linked to a specific territory.

Every year is unique: climatic conditions have an important influence on the development of the cereal, giving new characteristics to the raw material.

This means respecting the characteristics of a specific variety in all phases of the supply chain: that quality path which starts from our territories of Le Marche region and get to every table.

It means: a greater awareness of the farmer in knowing how to take care of the variety (in a period less rainy, for example); more awareness of the miller who respects the properties of the grain by identifying a “tailor-made” milling process (how many hours of rest does the grain need this year?) as well as a greater sensitivity of the artisan in deeply respecting and recognizing the raw material, an approach which goes well beyond the objective parameters of W and P/L (what new aromas has this new year given me?).

The vintage year is not just a calendar date or a label: it is a return to the past when every human skill had a profound relationship with the raw material of the land.

Gambero Rosso’s article, March 2022